The Classic Glock 19

glock handgunCloudhunterTV is my way of sharing with the world what’s important to me. Firearms play a huge role in my life.

This short Glock 19 review is one of many, but I still felt I had to put it out there.

Originally, the Glock handgun was invented by Glock for, use by the Austrian military. After some time with the Austrian armed forces, and many other military organizations, the Glock Company began to manufacture it for civilian use.

The Glock 19 came a few years after Glock’s first model, the number 17. The 17 got its own NATO number, btw. Serious business. Literally. And because Glock was getting serious, there was a demand for a handgun which encompassed the Glock 17’s look, feel, and design, but delivered it in a smaller package. The 9mm compact Glock 19 was born, and the rest is history.

Later on, the 19 was taken down even further, and given a new number – 26. The Glock 26, the 9mm ‘baby Glock’ is also very popular, but more on that one at another time.

Glock 19 Tech Specs

Some specs:

NOTE – this is for the Gen 4 model, the other ones are a little different.

Length: 7.28 inches

Height: 4.99 inches

Width: 1.18 inches

Loaded Weight: 30.18 oz.

Trigger Pull: 5.5 lbs.

Magazine: Two 15-round mags with 10/17/33-round options available.

The trigger pull, by the way, is something which some shooters choose to alter, depending on your intended use, of course. Because the Glock is striker-fired, meaning there is no way to de-cock other than to pull the trigger, some prefer a light pull on the trigger. This is true to professional shooters more often, but it is good to know anyway, I think.

shooting the glock 19The Glock 19 shoots really well. Obviously, it is also a question of skill. But the fact is that you can take a complete novice, hand them a Glock 19, set up the targets, and watch them hit the mark. Will it be perfect? Perhaps not. But it will get the job done.

And when the manure hits the fan, as it were, you need a firearm you can trust. You won’t be relying on anything else other than you and your firearm at those moments. This is why awareness and training are all-important to many of us who are gun-carriers. The Glock 19 facilitates this thought-pattern. It is seemingly simple, with only 35 parts to its name, but therein lies the ingenuity of it. It is a gun that was altogether made to be safe and fail-safe, and it certainly lives up to that claim.

There are articles that go way deeper into the in’s and out’s of the Glock 19. Here’s a link to a Glock 19 Gen 4 review from It’s one of many that do a great job of covering this amazing handgun. enjoy!

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