When It Comes To Hair I Don’t Compromise

Hair can be an annoying thing sometimes. No wonder some people shave it all off. If I were to start going bald, I wouldn’t try to pass it off as anything but baldness. If it started getting serious, I’d shave it all off. But, for now, I have a great head of hair, which I maintain with all-natural products.

No-Poo May Be For You

nat hairA few years ago, I came across the no-poo movement, which is all about ridding the bathroom of products which contain harsh chemicals, detergents, latherers, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, and the like. Basically, it is a group of people who are into natural hair care. I got into that as well, and that was when I stopped using my regular supermarket shampoo and conditioner, and never looked back.

I switched to products based purely on plants, and it has really improved the way I look at myself, and at cosmetics in particular. It’s not that the products I was using were no good. They got the job done, but at what price? Now, I make a serious effort to only buy cruelty free products, and I think twice or thrice before buying something whose label is indecipherable to anyone who does not hold a degree in chemistry or pharmaceutical studies.

I found out, from my own experience, that a lot of what I was using were products which actually counter the body’s natural production of oil. They strip it all away, and put their own ingredients on my scalp. That was the reason behind the recommendation of daily use, I discovered. It was like ‘use it daily, because if you don’t, your scalp will have a hell of a time trying to understand what is going on. Just use our product, and ignore your scalp’s built-in glands and natural oils. Thanks.’

finding the right product for youI wasn’t about to go through that anymore. It took a few tries. I wanted to find a shampoo, conditioner, soap, and moisturizer which were as natural as can be, and that would still get me the results I wanted. I certainly wasn’t about to compromise on that. There is no reason to walk around with dirty hair, when so many natural hair care products are doing a great job. It is all about find ones which fit your scalp, hair type, and body. Maple Holistics makes some great natural hair care products.

Also, it doesn’t necessarily need to have everything you want. Other elements, such as essential oils or salts, can be added manually to a shampoo bottle, or squirt bottle (for on the go hair touch ups). And now, instead of parabens, SLS, and all kinds of artificial fragrances, I am able to shower and take care of myself, knowing that the products I am using – which will be absorbed by the skin and scalp, and end up in my system – are ones which I have complete faith in, regarding their composition and formula.

When talking about pesticide chemicals, Joni Mitchell wrote: “give me spots on apples, but leave me the birds and the bees.” I feel the same way about natural cosmetics. We don’t need things to be perfect. We need to be healthy and happy.

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