Summertime Streaks


Summertime is great. I adore it. It is, without a doubt, my favorite season. I dyed my hair blonde a while back, and I loved it. But when summer rolled around, I began getting some sun damage, which caused my hair to develop more yellow-ish tones. Yellow is a fine color, but I had this awesome honey nut thing going in my hair, and I was not about to let some sun ruin that. To be clear – I also love our sun. I have nothing against the sun. No offense, you big, beautiful ball of gas!

I had no intention of going back to the salon. I mean, they did a great job on my original dye job, but I honestly didn’t want to spend any more on my hair that month. I didn’t want to buy an expensive brand name shampoo, either. I spent money on one more thing – purple food coloring.

Purple shampoo reviewed on Maple Holistics has a simple purpose: to introduce some purple pigmentation to the hair, and cause the yellow to cancel out. This is done with purple, because they are both opposites. The rest of the hair remains unchanged, unless you overdo it.images

By inserting some purple into the mix, you make regular shampoo into purple shampoo. Instead of using overpriced brand name hair products, I went to the grocery store and got purple food coloring. This is best done with hair coloring, but high-quality food dye will also work.

You can use ordinary conditioner or shampoo. Place some in a bowl, and add purple/violet coloring The shade of purple you see in the bowl is one that should match your tone of yellow. With DIY hair care products, it is about trial and error. Embrace the process, because eventually you will be rewarded with a shampoo that fits you perfectly. Add some essential oils in there, and you have a great recipe.

Purple shampoo should only be used sporadically. Too much purple pigmentation can end up damaging your hair. The rule of thumb is up to once a week. Think of it more as a way to prevent brass and maintain color. I used my half empty (or is it half full?) bottle of shampoo. I added the food coloring s-l- o-w- l-y, and mixed. I ended with up a color I was happy with, but unlike a store-bought purple shampoo, the formula may change here and there. Again, embrace those changes, because they make your hair that much more personal. And now summer is coming to a close. Ah, crap. I am not a winter person. Yeah, fall is okay, but winter… ugh.

I hope this blonde hair makes it through the winter. If blondes do indeed have more fun (so far I haven’t felt the difference), then winter will be the real test. I will continue to use the purple shampoo, but I will probably stop a couple of weeks before I re-dye. If I can find a way to pull it off, I may not go to the salon.

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