Magical Oil Of Tea Tree

Washing your hair properly can be a ritual. Some do it on-the-fly, but I don’t. I cannot. I have too much hair to just treat it quickly. I actually need to set aside time to get my hair nice and clean and shiny.


I use a shampoo made primarily of fruit extracts, and whenever I do shamtea treepoo – which is about once every five days – I use a tea tree oil shampoo by Maple Holistics. Tea tree has become one of the staples in my house. I use it for so many things: from a few drops in my floor-washing liquid, to a few drops in my herbal shampoo for an extra “POW!” factor. My scalp needs that, because the body’s natural oil is not being distributed too evenly on its own. You can say I substitute some of the natural process for this conditioner, but since it is a really natural conditioner (I know, I checked), I don’t see it as a problem.


When you shampoo your hair, you clean it. When you condition your hair, the goal is to untangle and replenish it. We all have different types of scalp and hair, so what applies to me may not apply to you. Tea tree is one of those oils which I always have in the house, and it was only natural for me to get a tea tree oil shampoo. Whenever I use it, I am not disappointed with the results. It leaves me feeling fresh and clean, and it scrumbs my scalp without drying it out. This is important, because the number complaint regarding this oil is that it dries the scalp. This is why many times it is used alongside other oils, which act as supplement agents.


The tea tree and its healing properties hail from Australia. The natives of the land, the Aboriginis, have been using the tree and its oil for centuries, and only in the last 200 years has the Western world picked up in this secret of nature. It is such an effective antiseptic and antibacterial substance, that it was put inside of first-aid kits handed to Australian soldiers during world war 2.


Having healthy hair is not about bombarding it with chemicals. In this day and age, tea tree 2you can have healthy-looking hair that isn’t really healthy at all. It is all on the outside. It is being manipulated by the products which are applied to it. Now, some people don’t mind that. For some people, that is their actual goal. But I go in another direction. I am all into letting the hair do its organic thing, and when I feel the need to wash, I make an attempt to use only the most natural products. Not because I am a douche, just because I care about how my hair looks. Some people will get it, others won’t. That’s cool. As Tony Soprano once said: “I am not running a popularity contest here.”


No. No he was not. You want to know what’s popular? That’s right. Tea tree oil shampoo. That’s what. Boom.

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