Letting Your Body Do What It Does!

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I wash my hair twice a week, and I shampoo almost every day. I use a small amount of shampoo, even though I have a full head of hair. Too much shampooing or conditioning can damage your hair, even if it is the safest product there is.

Don’t Mess With Your Hair

natural hairIf you mess too much with your hair, it will probably not like it. When it comes to hair, it pretty much likes to be left to its own devices. The scalp likes to produce its own oils, in its own time and place. That may be why conditioner is called conditioner. It replaces the body’s natural behavior patterns, and makes new ones.

In my opinion, this is not the best situation, since it may cause a dependency on a certain product or ingredient. I believe that hair should be left to do what it wants. The shampoo and conditioner I use are all herbal, natural, and they don’t have any harsh chemicals or fragrances. I specifically sought to avoid all of that, because I wanted my scalp to reset itself, and work with its original programming.

The scalp and hair have a mind of their own. They are usually in tune with the rest of the body. If the body is going through changes – from being ill to being on your period – chances are the scalp and hair will also respond. They will adjust the amounts of oil and hair which is produced, in accordance with whatever it is the body is going through.

Some people are reluctant to let their natural processes take control, especially when it comes to the subject of hair. There are so many products and treatments out there, all seeking to give hair that lush vitality, that perfect shine, and that glossy health. More often than not, all people need is to give their scalp and hair a break for a couple of weeks, and see what they end up with.let your hair go

Only then, after a cool off period, they will be able to tell if they are oily, dry, flaky, itchy, or all good. After a few weeks, you will be able to tell exactly how many times a week you should wash. And not just because some bottle or commercial says so, but because you know so. It is a big difference. You will be able to once again count on your own natural instincts and feelings.

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