The banking Saga Continues

Every time I think I’ve seen it all when it comes to banking, I’m proven wrong. I just a few days ago wrote a few banking pieces, laughing since I knew that those days were behind me. well, guess again. I was wrong! It all started yesterday when I went to log onto my account. I got an error message that I recently changed my password on bank2another computer or device, so in order to verify that this was not fraud they would text me a code. However, the number they had on file was an old one, so I obviously couldn’t get the code. But the problem was that I couldn’t log on to the site to change my number, of course! And an additional problem is that you need a code in order to speak to a representative. Now, this wouldn’t be the hugest pain in the world if the bank had actually given me the code when I opened my account, but no, they of course didn’t do this. So I had no way to speak to anyone either.

Luckily, today the office was closed so everyone was working from home. I had another meeting in the afternoon, so issued this as an opportunity to sleep in a drop and then go for a blood test. I couldn’t eat before the blood test, so I figured that this was perfect. I would go, then come home to eat, and then have plenty of time to get ready for my meeting.

On my way home from my blood test I passed my bank. I decided to go to the ATM to try to reset my password there, figuring I’d sort out the rest later. I tried my pin, but had no luck. The truth is, I couldn’t tell if I actually remembered it, as it’s been a while since I took money out of my account. But after a few failed attempts I got nervous and stopped trying. The bank didn’t look too crowded so I decided to take a number and wait. It told me the wait time was 8

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minutes long, and even though I knew it’d be a bit longer than that, I decided to stay. I only had about 15-20 minutes to spare, but between the pin and the only password giving me trouble, I was a little paranoid that maybe something was wrong with my account. I wanted to check it out before anything went further. Plus, I didn’t want to take time out of my schedule another day to have to go to the bank and wait again.

Every few minutes another number was called, and I was hopeful about my turn. I thought to myself that this wasn’t so bad, as long as you can see progress it’s no big deal. I checked my watch a lot, but I felt I still had a few more minutes to spare.

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